Node v13.0.0 (Current)

by Bethany Nicolle Griggs,

Notable Changes

  • assert:
    • If the validation function passed to assert.throws() or assert.rejects() returns a value other than true, an assertion error will be thrown instead of the original error to highlight the programming mistake (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263.
    • If a constructor function is passed to validate the instance of errors thrown in assert.throws() or assert.reject(), an assertion error will be thrown instead of the original error (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263.
  • build:
    • Node.js releases are now built with default full-icu support. This means that all locales supported by ICU are now included and Intl-related APIs may return different values than before (Richard Lau) #29887.
    • The minimum Xcode version supported for macOS was increased to 10. It is still possible to build Node.js with Xcode 8 but this may no longer be the case in a future v13.x release (Michael Dawson) #29622.
  • child_process:
    • ChildProcess._channel (DEP0129) is now a Runtime deprecation (cjihrig) #27949.
  • console:
    • The output console.timeEnd() and console.timeLog() will now automatically select a suitable time unit instead of always using milliseconds (Xavier Stouder) #29251.
  • deps:
    • The V8 engine was updated to version 7.8. This includes performance improvements to object destructuring, memory usage and WebAssembly startup time (Myles Borins) #29694.
  • domain:
    • The domain's error handler is now executed with the active domain set to the domain's parent to prevent inner recursion (Julien Gilli) #26211.
  • fs:
    • The undocumented method FSWatcher.prototype.start() was removed (Lucas Holmquist) #29905.
    • Calling the open() method on a ReadStream or WriteStream now emits a runtime deprecation warning. The methods are supposed to be internal and should not be called by user code (Robert Nagy) #29061.
    •, fs.readSync/writeSync and now accept any safe integer as their offset parameter. The value of offset is also no longer coerced, so a valid type must be passed to the functions (Zach Bjornson) #26572.
  • http:
    • Aborted requests no longer emit the end or error events after aborted (Robert Nagy) #27984, #20077.
    • Data will no longer be emitted after a socket error (Robert Nagy) #28711.
    • The legacy HTTP parser (previously available under the --http-parser=legacy flag) was removed (Anna Henningsen) #29589.
    • The host option for HTTP requests is now validated to be a string value (Giorgos Ntemiris) #29568.
    • The request.connection and response.connection properties are now runtime deprecated. The equivalent request.socket and response.socket should be used instead (Robert Nagy) #29015.
  • http, http2:
    • The default server timeout was removed (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #27558.
    • Brought 425 status code name into accordance with RFC 8470. The name changed from "Unordered Collection" to "Too Early" (Sergei Osipov) #29880.
  • lib:
    • The error.errno property will now always be a number. To get the string value, use error.code instead (Joyee Cheung) #28140.
  • module:
    • module.createRequireFromPath() is deprecated. Use module.createRequire() instead (cjihrig) #27951.
  • src:
    • Changing the value of process.env.TZ will now clear the tz cache. This affects the default time zone used by methods such as Date.prototype.toString (Ben Noordhuis) #20026.
  • stream:
    • The timing and behavior of streams was consolidated for a number of edge cases. Please look at the individual commits below for more information.

Semver-Major Commits

  • [5981fb7faa] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: fix line number calculation after V8 upgrade (Michaël Zasso) #29694
  • [48d1ea5e7f] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: special handle identical error names in instance checks (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [97c52ca5dc] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: add more information to AssertionErrors (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [5700cd17dd] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: do not repeat .throws() code (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [d47b6786c9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: wrap validation function errors (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [0b3242c3ce] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: fix generatedMessage property (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [ace3f16917] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) assert: improve class instance errors (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [0376b5b7ba] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) benchmark: use test/common/tmpdir consistently (João Reis) #28858
  • [4885e50f7e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) build: make full-icu the default for releases (Richard Lau) #29887
  • [60a3bd93ce] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) build: reset embedder string to "-node.0" (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [9f830f37da] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) build: update minimum Xcode version for macOS (Michael Dawson) #29622
  • [66eaeac1df] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) build: reset embedder string to "-node.0" (Michaël Zasso) #28016
  • [d05668d688] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) child_process: runtime deprecate _channel (cjihrig) #27949
  • [4f9cd2770a] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) child_process: simplify spawn argument parsing (cjihrig) #27854
  • [66043e1812] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) console: display timeEnd with suitable time unit (Xavier Stouder) #29251
  • [80f2b67367] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: patch V8 to (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [eeafb263f4] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: patch V8 to (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [ddfc3b0a76] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: patch V8 to (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [8d05991d10] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: update V8's postmortem script (cjihrig) #29694
  • [858602445b] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: V8: cherry-pick 716875d (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [f7f6c928c1] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: update V8 to (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [84d3243ce9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: V8: cherry-pick b33af60 (Michaël Zasso) #28016
  • [2dcc3665ab] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) deps: update V8 to 7.6.303.28 (Michaël Zasso) #28016
  • [eef1b5aa0f] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) doc: make AssertionError a link (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [8fd7184959] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) doc: update assert.throws() examples (Ruben Bridgewater) #28263
  • [80d9b1c712] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) doc: wrap long line (cjihrig) #27951
  • [43a5170858] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) domain: error handler runs outside of its domain (Julien Gilli) #26211
  • [7eacb74389] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: make FSWatcher.start private (Lucas Holmquist) #29905
  • [773769df60] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: add runtime deprecate for file stream open() (Robert Nagy) #29061
  • [5e3b4d6ed9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: allow int64 offset in fs.write/writeSync/fd.write (Zach Bjornson) #26572
  • [a3c0014e73] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: use IsSafeJsInt instead of IsNumber for ftruncate (Zach Bjornson) #26572
  • [0bbda5e5ae] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: allow int64 offset in (Zach Bjornson) #26572
  • [eadc3850fe] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) fs: close file descriptor of promisified truncate (João Reis) #28858
  • [5f80df8820] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: do not emit end after aborted (Robert Nagy) #27984
  • [e573c39b88] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: don't emit 'data' after 'error' (Robert Nagy) #28711
  • [ac59dc42ed] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: remove legacy parser (Anna Henningsen) #29589
  • [2daf883a18] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: throw if 'host' agent header is not a string value (Giorgos Ntemiris) #29568
  • [0daec61b9b] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: replace superfluous connection property with getter/setter (Robert Nagy) #29015
  • [461bf36d70] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: fix test where aborted should not be emitted (Robert Nagy) #20077
  • [d5577f0395] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http: remove default 'timeout' listener on upgrade (Luigi Pinca) #26030
  • [c30ef3cbd2] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http, http2: remove default server timeout (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #27558
  • [4e782c9deb] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http2: remove security revert flags (Anna Henningsen) #29141
  • [41637a530e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) http2: remove callback-based padding (Anna Henningsen) #29144
  • [91a4cb7175] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) lib: rename validateInteger to validateSafeInteger (Zach Bjornson) #26572
  • [1432065e9d] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) lib: correct error.errno to always be numeric (Joyee Cheung) #28140
  • [702331be90] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) lib: no need to strip BOM or shebang for scripts (Refael Ackermann) #27375
  • [e2c0c0c680] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) lib: rework logic of stripping BOM+Shebang from commonjs (Gus Caplan) #27768
  • [14701e539c] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) module: runtime deprecate createRequireFromPath() (cjihrig) #27951
  • [04633eeeb9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) readline: error on falsy values for callback (Sam Roberts) #28109
  • [3eea43af07] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) repl: close file descriptor of history file (João Reis) #28858
  • [458a38c904] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: bring 425 status code name into accordance with RFC 8470 (Sergei Osipov) #29880
  • [7fcc1f7047] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 79 (Myles Borins) #29694
  • [4b7be335b9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 78 (Michaël Zasso) #28918
  • [a0e2c6d284] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: add error codes to errors thrown in C++ (Yaniv Friedensohn) #27700
  • [94e980c9d3] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: use non-deprecated overload of V8::SetFlagsFromString (Michaël Zasso) #28016
  • [655e0dc01a] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 77 (Michaël Zasso) #28016
  • [e3cd79ef8e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 74 (Refael Ackermann) #27375
  • [eba348b6ae] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: make process.env.TZ setter clear tz cache (Ben Noordhuis) #20026
  • [f2061930c8] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) src: enable V8's WASM trap handlers (Gus Caplan) #27246
  • [f8f6a21580] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: throw unhandled error for readable with autoDestroy (Robert Nagy) #29806
  • [f663b31cc2] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: always invoke callback before emitting error (Robert Nagy) #29293
  • [aa32e13968] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: do not flush destroyed writable (Robert Nagy) #29028
  • [ba3be578d8] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: don't emit finish on error (Robert Nagy) #28979
  • [db706da235] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: disallow stream methods on finished stream (Robert Nagy) #28687
  • [188896ea3e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: do not emit after 'error' (Robert Nagy) #28708
  • [4a2bd69db9] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: fix destroy() behavior (Robert Nagy) #29058
  • [824dc576db] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) stream: simplify .pipe() and .unpipe() in Readable (Weijia Wang) #28583
  • [8ef68e66d0] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) test: clean tmpdir on process exit (João Reis) #28858
  • [d3f20a4725] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) test: use unique tmpdirs for each test (João Reis) #28858
  • [174723354e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) tools: patch V8 to run on older XCode versions (Ujjwal Sharma) #29694
  • [1676502318] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) tools: update V8 gypfiles (Michaël Zasso) #29694
  • [1a25e901b7] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) tools: support full-icu by default (Steven R. Loomis) #29522
  • [2664dacf7e] - (SEMVER-MAJOR) util: validate formatWithOptions inspectOptions (Ruben Bridgewater) #29824

Semver-Minor Commits

  • [8915b15f8c] - (SEMVER-MINOR) http: add reusedSocket property on client request (themez) #29715
  • [6afed1dc85] - (SEMVER-MINOR) n-api: add napi\_detach\_arraybuffer (legendecas) #29768
  • [c0305af2c4] - (SEMVER-MINOR) repl: check for NODE_REPL_EXTERNAL_MODULE (Gus Caplan) #29778

Semver-Patch Commits

  • [e6c389cb3c] - benchmark: remove double word "then" in comments (Nick Schonning) #29823
  • [1294c7e485] - benchmark: add benchmark for vm.createContext (Joyee Cheung) #29845
  • [6f814013f4] - build: fix version checks in gyp files (Ben Noordhuis) #29931
  • [6c205aba00] - build: always use strings for compiler version in gyp files (Michaël Zasso) #29897
  • [be926c7e21] - build: find Python 3 or Python 2 in configure (cclauss) #25878
  • [16f673ebcc] - build: re-enable openssl arm for arm64 (Edward Vielmetti) #28180
  • [204248a0c3] - console: update time formatting (Ruben Bridgewater) #29629
  • [c64ed10d80] - crypto: reject public keys properly (Tobias Nießen) #29913
  • [7de5a55710] - deps: patch V8 to (Michaël Zasso) #29928
  • [a350d8b780] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 53e62af (Michaël Zasso) #29898
  • [6b962ddf01] - deps: patch V8 to (Michaël Zasso) #29899
  • [efa6bead1d] - doc: add missing deprecation code (cjihrig) #29969
  • [c4de76f7a6] - doc: update for link linting (Rich Trott) #29982
  • [ed5eaa0495] - doc: prepare miscellaneous docs for new markdown lint rules (Rich Trott) #29963
  • [039eb56249] - doc: fix some recent nits in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #29906
  • [7812a615ab] - doc: fs dir modifications may not be reflected by (Anna Henningsen) #29893
  • [37321a9e11] - doc: add missing deprecation number (cjihrig) #29183
  • [791409a9ce] - doc: fixup changelog for v10.16.3 (Andrew Hughes) #29159
  • [02b3722b30] - doc,meta: reduce npm PR wait period to one week (Rich Trott) #29922
  • [fce1a5198a] - domain: do not import util for a simple type check (Ruben Bridgewater) #29825
  • [b798f64566] - esm: unflag --experimental-exports (Guy Bedford) #29867
  • [5c93aab278] - fs: buffer dir entries in opendir() (Anna Henningsen) #29893
  • [624fa4147a] - http2: fix file close error condition at respondWithFd (Anna Henningsen) #29884
  • [d5c3837061] - lib: remove the comment of base64 validation (Maledong) #29201
  • [3238232fc4] - lib: rename validateSafeInteger to validateInteger (cjihrig) #29184
  • [aca1c283bd] - module: warn on require of .js inside type: module (Guy Bedford) #29909
  • [1447a79dc4] - net: treat ENOTCONN at shutdown as success (Anna Henningsen) #29912
  • [4ca61f40fe] - process: add lineLength to source-map-cache (bcoe) #29863
  • [545f7282d1] - src: implement v8 host weakref hooks (Gus Caplan) #29874
  • [53ca0b9ae1] - src: render N-API weak callbacks as cleanup hooks (Gabriel Schulhof) #28428
  • [075c7ebeb5] - src: fix largepages regression (Gabriel Schulhof) #29914
  • [179f4232ed] - src: remove unused using declarations in (Daniel Bevenius) #29883
  • [264cb79bc2] - src: silence compiler warning node_process_methods (Daniel Bevenius) #28261
  • [89b32378c8] - src: forbid reset_handler for SIGSEGV handling (Anna Henningsen) #27775
  • [e256204776] - src: reset SIGSEGV handler before crashing (Anna Henningsen) #27775
  • [e6b3ec3d3c] - src: do not use posix feature macro in node.h (Anna Henningsen) #27775
  • [6e796581fc] - src: remove freebsd SA_RESETHAND workaround (Ben Noordhuis) #27780
  • [8709a408d2] - stream: use more accurate end-of-stream writable and readable detection (Robert Nagy) #29409
  • [698a29420f] - stream: fix readable state awaitDrain increase in recursion (ran) #27572
  • [033037cec9] - stream: avoid unecessary nextTick (Robert Nagy) #29194
  • [f4f856b238] - test: fix flaky doctool and test (Rich Trott) #29979
  • [7991b57cfd] - test: fix fs benchmark test (Rich Trott) #29967
  • [2bb93e1108] - test: set LC_ALL to known good value (Ben Noordhuis) #28096
  • [039cfdc838] - test: add addon tests for RegisterSignalHandler() (Anna Henningsen) #27775
  • [90b5f1b107] - tools: update remark-preset-lint-node to 1.10.1 (Rich Trott) #29982
  • [ea3d5ff785] - tools: fix test runner in presence of NODE_REPL_EXTERNAL_MODULE (Gus Caplan) #29956
  • [8728f8660a] - tools: fix GYP MSVS solution generator for Python 3 (Michaël Zasso) #29897
  • [66b953207d] - tools: port Python 3 compat patches from node-gyp to gyp (Michaël Zasso) #29897
  • [a0c6cf8eb1] - tools: update remark-preset-lint-node to 1.10.0 (Rich Trott) #29594
  • [1e01f3f022] - tools: apply more stringent blank-line linting for markdown files (Rich Trott) #29447
  • [f9caee986c] - vm: add Synthetic modules (Gus Caplan) #29864

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18e28a5ed3a474e8d0619c5b17c14b88c72a55630e637d4547485d88863dc1a9  node-v13.0.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
6ed882e17123861b5b81683de2b2c86be02c5916ef0beda04fd176329888fd12  node-v13.0.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
dbbe30ba285c012a456a33b0ea5d6c7bdd0ce9a5095bcd1f2fd130109023e132  node-v13.0.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
84cc5c1a0d2003f194936756fcffdbe308c91c51711c29a857f29a0259f29c18  node-v13.0.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
fdb1ac3adca9a2943459ee763837a98ba986b73e5938e1233921a2128c9325c9  node-v13.0.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
7223ffc4e1b61dab831e10f3ae778eaf3aedca2001e439032a080e1013bd7e17  node-v13.0.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
86c727017d8c4b6399c8c3a5df5e231e9fe25328a6e5ca0191664e12dedef2f6  node-v13.0.0-linux-s390x.tar.gz
ab663af82f9734a438e4078a9fa935f1eee4716be692063d16aebcc69d0b7249  node-v13.0.0-linux-s390x.tar.xz
807a617fa1363d5bac9775afda0610a0e55d2e78b976e3c97d3e25a94de27dfd  node-v13.0.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
799d890f00a3a2a7415b813b286d32d38573df6525bc8ef80f40077cdd210d39  node-v13.0.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
c1faf0b561da02a4896dd64bcb36f2fe494b08a366a93cf987842d5d87e482d5  node-v13.0.0.pkg
cc8cfe1ad406f63445bd6a942bd818da0f3794e1a8acc140086b2b36dfc28ceb  node-v13.0.0-sunos-x64.tar.gz
64791dea08ef3ebc444fba27e8c6d858f303bda99010825dcdab64885a44823b  node-v13.0.0-sunos-x64.tar.xz
103fc63b631a24ddc47189deee8c689e8158d7d804a67bd59fef04a1790bb217  node-v13.0.0.tar.gz
45ff3b40afc3fc93fd62e31c0f5dfa046f307f0b33d0f32e09019f306bc74767  node-v13.0.0.tar.xz
2d4c62e07e3f739d4245400f1e20c9eef153333ba64fa69932515d49e9221b5e  node-v13.0.0-win-x64.7z
abe5d685c804e167af649ded10cb4a42a1c9b198057c2bc29d749bee9b8b32e4  node-v13.0.0-win-x86.7z
1b62678b0b0bf7c5c8f37f90dfbcae7fd6baec8bceeb217b44048d2c86ae88b6  node-v13.0.0-x64.msi
5e04d9d5e1e138c7f2896fa0c80e2a8415304e4b4961501da21361dca0a8a394  node-v13.0.0-x86.msi
e3f93b5fcc9f4e77c0e2fd4e851862db563f4060fd2442344e385cfd46df80eb  win-x64/node.exe
76630cbe65f925cf9e9ad2ae46fb20680dc183bb1f2844abd8d884fe7acb5bf5  win-x64/node.lib
c3f217acf0b0793e021a805b3d2b1fbbb8347645c0f07583ca3fb2f1524e81af  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
a1f0207fa4cd7460e07c0d1e2f8e1676a5b4b90176fc3643b1dccae7386e900e  win-x64/
6ad9574f5326030c1ec47146ce02a331781e6eac66ab414308235ac5942c8a64  win-x86/node.exe
43702c64c141d50e4df6a1dee3ac68c94a54e5c767c2501c34ea2c3d0f82d14b  win-x86/node.lib
0ccab3cd028b0acf76ef82b14ece9119730aee743dfeffa2af86c1eef846816c  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
ba5498e17fe5ee541aaa179c4e900f667bc2b175366f5f37047e649b0c6b0138  win-x86/